Build your own stock photography Marketplace

This theme was created by Idealab marketing agency. You can use Pictoo for make photography collections, for create your own stock photography marketplace or for sale your works of art. With this template you can clearly and easily present your portfolio.

We use all SEO techniques for your presentation on internet. With plug-in Yoast SEO you can reach first positions in image search engine. With user friendly interface will be your users happy in using this theme. With pagination will be your site super-fast. You can choice how many posts will be displayed on page.

Your users must be logged in to download the original file size. The original image is protected by the server and robber can’t steal your images. You can use theme shortcodes to create your own buttons and highlight important paragraph. It is smart and simple. Shortcodes description are displayed in dashboard. With required plug-ins you can categorize your portfolio for easy user orientation.

Each interaction is important. We create simple comment form for registered and no registered users. We require reCaptcha protect for this form. Therefore, our template is not directly dependent on any stupid plugin. The required plugins will be displayed in WordPress dashboard

For use all WordPress advantages we transform attachment as posts. You can use WordPress search, categorization and many others useful functions.

We create fast and nice-looking grid for your photography and images.

Do you have any questions or you want alert some problems? You can contact us in e-mail or in this forum. We create this theme for people. Share your opinion with us.